Why are Danes so good at English?

I recently stumbled upon an article that showcased the Danes as the second best English-speakers in the world, for non-native speaking countries. But the article never mentions why. So i thought i would give my point of view, since i have lived half my life in France, and the other half in Denmark. On the English Proficiency Index,¬†France is classed…

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The second-hand shopping guide to Aarhus Center

Hi there fellow shrift shopper!   Are you in Denmark to experience the danish culture? Well, thrift-shopping is one of the things we also like, and you might end up going home with a unique item to remember your trip! I sure did when i went to New York. My good old baseball jacket is still with me to this…

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Godsbanen and The Institute for X : The mini Christiania that works

If you have ever wondered down behind the Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus, you might have spotted something that looks like an abandoned train yard from afar. But do not be mistaken by the number of old containers and graffiti tags you can muster to perceive from a distance. It is far from abandoned.     In fact, its one…

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