Hi there!



Could you present yourself quickly, and the reason you did this blog?

Im a 23 year old Dane living in Aarhus, Denmark and working for Katoni.dk as a communicator, graphic designer, and writer. That is where i found my love for putting words together and conveying my ideas and opinions. But since it’s a company, i was limited to certain topics and demands, which spawned an emotional need to write whatever came to my mind.

So i started this blog!

So where are you from?

I was born in Denmark in 1993, but moved to france, at the age of 8, to a popular mountain city named Annecy, in the heart of the French alps. There i enjoyed one of the cleanest lakes in europe for about 4 years, until we moved back to Kolding, a moderatly populated danish city. There i would spend another 3 years catching up with the danish i had lost, until my family moved back to France. And since we already liked Annecy so much, we moved back there again. There i finished my 2 last years of primary school and 3 years of High School, while enjoying the mountains, the fresh water lake, and all the awesome friends you would need in a lifetime.

So how did you end up here in Aarhus?

I think was destined to come back to Denmark, and hearing how good the schools were, definitely helped. In the city of Aarhus i studied Multimedia Design and Communication, and Digital Concept Development at Aarhus Business academy.

Any hobbies?

I enjoy many extreme sports, like snowboarding, downhill biking, wake-boarding. Unfortunately, Denmark is relatively flat, so I’ve had to say goodbye to many of these sports. That’s why you will most likely see me on one of my long-boards, enjoying the smooth danish asphalt with some nice tunes in my eardrums. I have also been spray painting a while in the near past, but have recently focused my energy on the canvas which you can see here.

So why did you decide to write about danish culture?

Well, I have always had an interest in danish culture, perhaps because i don’t feel 100% danish, which is not surprising considering my background. From time to time i actually feel more french than danish, and can sometimes distance myself from this great nation, but only to see its true beauty and potential. And now that Aarhus, the city of the smile, is on the map as the European Capital of Culture 2017, i took my chance and started writing in English, so that the whole world could see what makes a Dane tick.

Anything to add to that?

In this blog i will of course be writing about Aarhus, Denmark, and the danish culture.