The second-hand shopping guide to Aarhus Center

Hi there fellow shrift shopper!


Are you in Denmark to experience the danish culture? Well, thrift-shopping is one of the things we also like, and you might end up going home with a unique item to remember your trip! I sure did when i went to New York. My good old baseball jacket is still with me to this day.

But if you look at the number of used clothe stores in Aarhus, you might wonder which one you should visit within a short time period. That’s why i am sharing my favorites within Aarhus center, so you can go on a treasure hunt, while talking a walk through the center, in less than a few hours.


Dengang Aarhus: Graven 24, 8000 Aarhus C



The inside of Dengang - Photo from http://annawurtz.com/

The inside of Dengang – Photo from annawurtz.com


Dengang is one of my favorites here in Aarhus. Not only do they have danish clothe but also many American items, like baseball jackets and american jeans. I have personally bought some sunglasses and a sweater there, and i would recommend it to everyone. The only downside is that you might find prices to be higher than other second-hand shops, but they compensate for having unique items.



Be aware that it’s not easy to find, and you have to go into an alley to see the entrance.


Aarhus Retro and Trend: Vesterbro torv 10 Aarhus




Aarhus Retro & Trend is one of my all time favorites as well. Not for their clothing, but for everything else! You can find old danish beer poster, old hats and paintings, pharmacy bottles, seltzer bottles and much, much more. I am the proud owner of a good mafia looking fedora and a seltzer bottle thanks to this place. I highly recommend you to go there if you want some very original danish souvenirs, and your wallet feels empty.


Frelsens Hær Genbrug: Nørregade 46, 8000 Aarhus C


Front store window with a red theme


Frelsens Hær Genbrug is quite big and focuses on clothing. They have a large selection for women, and their prices are really low. I even found myself a purple shirt that fits me like a glove, and as a bonus, my money goes to charity. You have to search a while though to find that perfect thing, but isn’t that what’s fun about thrift-shopping?


Dansk folkehjælp: Vestergade 64, 8000 Aarhus C


Dansk Folkehjælp is also a non profit organisation, where the profit goes to charity. When you pass by, it doesn’t seem very impressive, and it really isn’t. But it takes 5 min to check their selection, which means you can do it a couple of times a month without hassle. And it pays off! I discovered to items that were almost too good to still be in their: An old Vans snap-back with net and the little red rope and a one of those old biggie t-shirts in mint condition. Both items for a total of 50 Kr. which is about 7 Euros or US Dollars.




So be sure to filter through their modest collection of used clothe a few times while being here. You might find something perfect for you.


Genbrugsen Tordenskjold: Tordenskjoldsgade 2, 8200 Aarhus N


Storefront of Genbrugsen


This shop is a little further from the center than the previous ones, but does take you on a nice walk near the coast, the leisure harbour, and the new buildings on the water. It has a big selection of of clothes, home deco, and a few books, and their stock if often renewed. Their sport section is where i snatched some old Adidas track pants.


Other Shops


If your still hungry for some more second-hand shops, here’s a map with the one in the center. Most of them have a descent selection, and a few stores aren’t even on the internet, and i actually bought a suit in one of them. So keep your eyes open: you might end up finding your new look here.


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